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Germ - Killing UV Light

At certain wavelengths, UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Particularly at wavelengths around 260 nm–270 nm, UV breaks molecular bonds within microorganismal DNA, producing thymine dimers that can kill or disable the organisms. Mercury-based lamps emit UV light at the 253.7 nm line.

Mitsubishi ELITE Diamond Dealer

Mini Splits

Mini split systems offer convenient, energy-efficient temperature control with no ductwork, saving you money at the same time. Personalize your comfort level with individual allergen filtration for each area of your home. Quiet, easy, and eco-friendly.

New Air Conditioning Systems

We won’t let the heat beat you! Air conditioning is essential to most people in Florida. Mintz offers an exceptional combination of quality workmanship, reliable service, and great rates for replacement or new air conditioning installation.

Heating Systems

There are a variety of technologies available for heating your house. Even in South Florida, your choice of heating technologies impacts your energy bill. Our professional advisors will come to your home and help you select the best system for you.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

South Florida has been plagued for years by cunning operators who take advantage of homeowner emergencies. They charge outrageous rates and hidden fees, or make unnecessary or slipshod repairs. You Deserve Better! We Guarantee It!

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