Air Quality

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor air quality is responsible for headaches, flu-like symptoms, and respiratory issues such as sinusitis or asthma. Breathing in excessive pollutants over time can lead to permanent, serious health problems. We can measure the “clean level” of your indoor air, find any problems, and determine what to do. Our HVAC service helps provide you with the best air quality achievable.

At Mintz, we’re concerned about the comfort of our customers, and complete comfort includes fresh, healthy air. We only provide top-rated products from manufacturers that deliver on their claims. You can trust your HVAC or heating system is properly and professionally taken care of by our experts. Our specialists will outline a clear, economical plan for a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home.

We help you breathe a little easier indoors and save money at the same time.

Benefits of Better Air Quality

You and your family will benefit greatly from better air quality. You’ll breathe easier and sleep better; your HVAC systems will hide fewer pollutants, promoting better airflow efficiency. Maintaining temperature control, humidity, and ventilation levels are needed for healthy, comfortable indoor living.

Create a Healthy Indoor Environment

When you call us for indoor air quality services, we check for any problems you notice, such as on-going moisture or recurring allergy symptoms. One of our technicians will check your home’s ductwork and look for mold or dust buildup and signs of vermin. Then we can make the best recommendations for products and services to address your needs, such as:

  • Duct cleaning services
  • Sanitize ductwork
  • UV lights and charcoal elements to purify air
    • UV lights kills bacteria & mold
    • Charcoal elements kill viruses

Air Duct Cleaning

Do you want to breathe cleaner air and save on your energy bill?
Concern about indoor air quality is increasing. Every day, products are introduced that promise to control mildew, pollen, mold, and other allergens. At Mintz Heating and Cooling Florida, our solutions don’t stop at new products or filtration systems. We offer complete air duct cleaning and take the steps to make your home free and clear from irritants.
Clean ducts help your AC run more efficiently and save you money at the same time!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Need it done? Can’t do it yourself? Get it done right and economically as an addition to any service Mintz provides.

Need your dryer cleaned, too? We can do it!

Ask when you call. We want to save you money however we can!


South Florida has been plagued for years by cunning operators who take advantage of homeowner emergencies. They charge outrageous rates and hidden fees, or make unnecessary or slipshod repairs.

You Deserve Better! Mintz Guarantees You’ll Get It! Because we are dedicated to our customers!

Mintz has been working for over 36 years to help customers stay cool and comfortable. Your air conditioner service or repair will be done right! Why choose us?

  • Quality service at fair prices
  • The best value
  • No shortcuts on licenses or insurance
  • Our AC technicians are NATE (North American Technicians Excellence) certified

Your comfort is our priority and we won’t leave you stranded. There’s no better choice than us. Our experience works for you and we tackle every job with knowledge and skill. Our expert team uses the latest technology to diagnose problems and work to find immediate solutions.

We rely on happy customers who tell their friends and neighbors about us. At Mintz we don’t simply claim our customers save money. They stay comfortable because of our great work and happy because of our low rates, honesty, and integrity.

Day or night, you can call Mintz Heating and Cooling Florida!

AC Tune-Ups

Reduce your energy bill and extend the life of your system with an AC Tune-up. We provide unparalleled service. We detest companies promoting cheap inspections to con Florida homeowners into paying for unneeded repairs. Keep your AC running right with us – honestly and fairly at great rates.

NEW or Replacement Air Conditioning Units

We won’t let the heat beat you! Air conditioning is essential to most people in Florida. Mintz offers an exceptional combination of quality workmanship, reliable service, and great rates for replacement or new air conditioning installation.

If you’re A/C system can’t be repaired, or it’s more economical to replace it, we provide a superior selection of air conditioning products manufactured by Mitsubishi, Rheem, Goodman, or Daikin. All ENERGY STAR- rated, they are known for incomparable quality, reliability, and excellent warranties. There are choices to satisfy your need and budget.

Mintz is here to solve your comfort problem and save you money. We’ll give you a free estimate for installation of your new AC and make it easy for you to choose the brand right for you.

Call to set an appointment today!
Ask about our product and service warranties and FLP RebatesSM.
Financing available

Mini Split Systems

Keep every room cool at its own precise temperature with Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Systems! Each system allows you to set the perfect temperature for any room.

Mini split systems offer convenient, energy-efficient temperature control with no ductwork, saving you money at the same time. Personalize your comfort level with individual allergen filtration for each area of your home. They are low maintenance, quiet, and eco-friendly.

Ask for more information about how these remarkable systems can help you!

Service Agreements

With our Service Agreements, we provide you with multi-point inspections of your air conditioning unit twice a year. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly at maximum efficiency, regular maintenance is scheduled with every plan. Inspections allow our technicians to detect any potential problems before they occur.

Complete System Checks: Winter AND Summer

All included in one charge
We Inspect:

  • Outside Condenser
  • Air Handler
  • Thermostat
  • Electrical Connections
  • Parts
  • Freon Levels
  • Temperature Differentials

And Perform!

  • Clean outside condenser coils
  • Adjust stettings
  • Replace all filters

We will NEVER recommend repairs or parts you do not need, a practice we detest.

Our goal is to win referrals from satisfied customers for SAVING them money and keeping them comfortable. In fact, our Maintenance Agreement customers enjoy two more benefits:

  • A bonus 10% discount for any repair or equipment needs for themselves AND any family, friends or neighbors they refer to us!
  • Guaranteed Emergency Service within 24 hours of your call, with no trip charge if the emergency dictates expense for parts or labor

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